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    大澤銅業有限公司是華北規模較大的一家專業從事銅合金制造企業,集研發、回收、加工、熔煉、精深加工于一體的綜合性企業。成立于1999年,前身是安新縣 方正銅制品有限公司。公司坐落古城保定,占地面積12000平方米,比鄰“華北明珠白洋淀”地處京津冀環渤海經濟圈,交通便捷發達,工業基礎雄厚,自然資 源豐富,擁有巨大的發展空間和廣闊的合作潛力。

ZQSnD5-5-5(美標c83600、日標Bc—6) ZQSnD6-6-3    ZQSnD10-1   ZQSnD10-2    ZQPbD10-10    粗銅等系列產品

    公司擁有高精度、高質量、高效率現代化專業生產設備和檢測設備。為公司發展奠定了雄厚的工業基礎。擁有工頻有芯電爐三座,具有自動電子攪拌功能,年生產能 力達8000余噸確保達到國際高精密度鑄件和大型重載機械部件高強度的技術指標。嚴格完善的質量管理體系和科學生產管理模式,卓越的科技研發能力,使公司 不斷發展壯大,成為銅合金制造業中極具影響力和競爭力的企業之一并不斷榮獲“守合同重信用企業”“誠信經營企業”“消費者信得過企業” 等各種榮譽。產品暢銷全國各地,受到廣大國內外客戶一致好評。

     面對共竟共存的新時代和環渤海經濟帶經濟發展的巨大契機,大澤銅業正以全新的姿態和飽滿的激情,積極建立與廣大國內外優秀企業“在合作中競爭在競爭中合 作”的雙贏多贏的共生關系,力爭打造中國銅合金行業的世界品牌。真誠歡迎廣大新老客戶光臨指導,我們將本著務實合作的態度和多元化的經營策略與你精誠合 作、共創輝煌。

    Daze Copper Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise with large scale in North China, which mainly specializes in copper alloy manufacture and integrates recovery, deep processing and research and development. It was founded in 1999, whose predecessor was Anxin Fangzheng Copper Products Co., Ltd.. With an area of 12,000 square meters, It is located in the ancient city——Baoding. Neighboring “the pearl of North China——Baiyang Lake” and located in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Bohai Economic Zone, it has convenient and developed transportation, solid industrial base and rich natural resources, which provides it with huge development space and wide potentials for cooperation.
The company mainly produces
ZQSnD5-5-5(ANSI c83600 JIS Bc—6)   ZQSnD6-6-3   ZQSnD10-1
ZQSnD10-2  ZQPbD10-10 blister copper and other series of products.
It also provides the service of processing order for copper alloys in various models according to the customer demands.
    The company has modern and professional production and checkout equipments with high-accuracy, high-quality and high-efficiency, and with 3 power frequency coretype furnaces, its production capacity can reach more than 8000 ton, laying strong industrial foundation for the development of the company and making sure that it can reach the international high-intensive qualification for the high precision castings and large heavy-duty mechanical components. With its strict and perfect quality management system, scientific production management model, and excellent research ability, the company has been increasingly growing into one of the most influential and competitive enterprises in copper alloy manufacture. What’s more, it has successively been awarded with various honors, such as “Contract Credit Enterprise”, “Integrity Enterprise” and “Consumers Trust Company” etc., and its products are selling throughout the market, which are well received by the domestic and foreign customers.
    In the face of the new era of shared competition and coexistence, and the huge opportunity for economic growth in Bohai Economic Belt, with brand new position and energetic enthusiasm, Daze is positive in establishing win-win symbiotic relationship with many excellent enterprises at home and abroad oriented in “coexistence of cooperation and competition”. We are striving to build the international brand for Chinese copper alloy industry. Sincerely welcome all clients’ presence instruction. With dedicated and cooperative attitude and multiple management strategies, we’d like to conduct sincere cooperation and create brilliance together with you!

主營區域: 山東 濟南 淄博 石家莊 聊城 東營 保定 衡水 滄州 承德